Industrial Vacuum Cleaning


Separators remove the fluidizing and transport air from the product in order to remove the product from the system.

  • Primary separator is a cyclone and has storage capacity.
  • Secondary Separator is a cyclone, filter and has small storage capacity.

Available in many sizes and types of material. They are custom made.

Many features can be incorporated:

  • Wear (abrasion) plates internal or external.
  • High and/or low level switches
  • Filter bags or cartridges
  • Filter cleaning systems (manual or automatic)
  • Dumping features
    - manual
    - rotary valve
    - double dump valve (sometimes called a peristaltic valve)
    - dump bottom
    - automatic when system is shut off
  • Rupture Disks
  • Special access doors

Wet separators for handling liquid pick up OR special situations like gunpowder.

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