Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

MegaVac - Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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This is a POWERFUL Vacuum Cleaning unit specifically designed to pick up large quantities of particulate, dust, lumps and moisture both quickly and easily.

  • To pick up dry and damp dust etc. from floors, walls, pipes and machinery. Can also pick up moisture
  • As a Portable Vacuum Cleaner for picking up as noted above to cover pipe / tube risers to floors and mezzanines above and / or below
  • As a stationary Vacuum Cleaner located in one place – with or without wheels
  • When used as a wheeled Stationary Vacuum Cleaner this unit can be used as a portable during special occasions such as a plant shutdown
  • Can be used to power a Central Vacuum Cleaning System powering a tube / pipe network up to 250 – 300 feet in any direction
  • Can be used to provide air power for a bulk powder conveyance
  • Can accommodate a variety of numbers and hose diameters - easily changeable
  • 4 Cubic feet dust can
  • Inline filter to prevent dust from entering the exhauster
  • The inline filter container is easy access to change it
  • Differential pressure gauge across the inline filter to indicate blinding by dust
  • Exhauster to provide 12 inches of mercury vacuum
  • Vibration sleeves to stop propagation of vibration and noise to and from the machine
  • Big silencer on the exhauster to reduce the noise into the mid 70’s decibel
  • Controls On/Off Push buttons
  • Overload with reset push button
  • Vacuum gauge to indicate vacuum power being used
  • Vacuum relief valves to prevent overloading of the motor; either when some one is vacuuming or when the air flow is cut off
  • Fork Liftable
  • Large diameter Phenolic wheels (2 castors and 2 wheels). Other types of wheels are also available. Fixed feet are also available.
  • MegaVac is normally supplied in carbon steel. Stainless steel and others materials are available. Epoxy coatings inside are also available.
  • Normally powered with an electric motor. Can be powered with gasoline, propane or diesel fueled engine.

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  • Extra holding / storage capacity – dry, damp and / or wet
  • Hoses - good variety of types and diameters
  • Tools – variety of types, diameters and custom designed and made
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Filters - standard and special bag and cartridge

MegaVac – Combination of high suction & trouble-free filtration.

  1. Huge baghouse filter
    Super-efficient filter media will not easily blind, so there’s never a drop in performance as the storage canister fills. Now you can vacuum powders like carbon black, zinc oxide and pigments. An external shaker arm keeps the filters clean.
  2. In-line safety filter
    High efficiency pleated paper cartridges provide effective, extra protection to the operator. Upgrade to HEPA filters anytime without modification.
  3. Filter condition indicator
    Large, easy-to-read dial shows when to service the filtration system.
  4. Storage canister
    Holds 4.0 cubic feet. External storage options increase available storage to two cubic yards or more.
  5. New Silencer
    Greatly reduces the sound level to way below the labour code requirements. 
  6. Superior suction power
    The positive displacement vacuum pump attains 12” Hg. suction. That’s 50% higher than most competitive systems. The continuous duty pump is run slowly, so it’s exceptionally quiet & delivers tremendous service life.
  7. Complete portability
    Moves easily around your facility. Push it, pull it, hook it up to a crane or pick it up with a forklift using the built-in channels.
  8. Make it a central system
    The MegaVac makes an ideal vacuum source for a small central system. It may be connected to a pipe network up to 300 ft. long without modification.

Try it out…

We’ll deliver a MegaVac system directly to you. The best way to experience and demonstrate the MegaVac power is to use it in your facility. Call us today at 800.461.6180. 

Clean up fine powders fast:

Fine powders can migrate right through ordinary vacuum filters or blind filters so badly that you’re constantly cleaning or replacing them. MegaVac lets you take control of super fine powder.

The versatile MegaVac vacuum combines industrial class suction with a high performance, triple filtration system. Its positive displacement vacuum pump actually pulls harder as the job gets tougher. This means MegaVac can pick up material three times faster than vacuums using centrifugal pumps.

The exclusive triple filter is the real story. First, larger particulate is cyclonically separated with an internal baffle. Second, bag filters capture 99.99% of particles larger than 0.4 microns. And third, a safety filter provides backup protection that can be easily upgraded to HEPA efficiency.

MegaVac is designed for super fine powder. It makes short work of all your spills and cleanups without filter hassles and clogs. 


15 HP 20 HP 25 HP
Diameter and Length of hose
1 ½” I.D.
2 Hoses x 50’ long
3 Hoses x 50’ long 4 Hoses x 50’ long
2” I.D. 1 Hose x 50” long 2 Hoses x 50’ long 2 Hoses x 50’ long
2 ½” I.D. 1 Hose x 100’ long 2 Hoses x 100’ long
3” I.D. 1 Hose x 100’ long 2 Hoses x 100’ long
Pick-up rate
(Pounds per Minute)
85 100 120
(Material density of 40 pounds/cu.ft.)
Main Filter
66 sq. ft.
15 inverted filter bags
99.9974% efficient at 0.4 microns
Inline Filter
44 sq. ft.
Pleated paper cartridge
98% efficient to 10 microns
Upgrade to HEPA 99.97% efficient @ 3 microns
Vacuum Producer
Positive Displacement Type
High efficiency 340 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG) 500 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG) 740 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG)
575V,460V,240V,208V,3ph,60h as required
(50 hertz available)
Alternative propane vapour engine, air cooled
Material Storage in dust can
4 cu. ft. standard
Optional external storage up to 2 cu. yds.
Change synthetic oil every 4000 hrs.
Approximately 38”W x 74”L x 83”H
Shipping Weight – pounds 1306 lbs 1380 lbs 1480 lbs
Sound Level - dBa @ 3ft. 77 dBa 78 dBa 80 dBa

All of the above units include 1 hose coupling 4” F.N.P.T.  Specify diameter and number of hoses to be used simultaneously. Extra hose couplings are available – all hose I.D.’s and combinations.  Every MegaVac is shipped ready to work with a NEMA 12 starter and 25ft. of electric cable.

There are many different options and upgrades available to meet your specific needs. Also available from PNEUTRANS are Demonstration/Loaner Units, Lease/Rental Plans and Central Vacuum Systems.

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We have hundreds of installed systems and we know how to handle the tough applications others won’t touch. Pneutrans’ resources provide the flexibility of choosing various manufacturers’ components to give you the best fit solution with a vacuum pump and filtration system selected specifically for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

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