Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

Central Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems


Pneutrans Systems are custom designed to pick up easy to difficult products.

All systems:

  • Run quietly
  • Operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Provide vacuum power to as many people vacuuming simultaneously as required
  • Provide as much or as little suction power as required for the job at hand
    • from Clean Rooms (low power) … to
    • heavy spills (high power)
  • Handle all kinds of material
    • light to heavy density
    • dry to damp (including moist)
    • free flowing
    • explosive
    • hygroscopic
    • abrasive
    • fibrous

Also available as part of the system, replacements or custom built

  • Primary Separator (cyclone and storage unit)
  • Secondary Separator (cyclone, storage and bag house)
  • Exhauster / Blower packages (motor; positive displacement exhauster / blower, silencer; air filter, pressure or vacuum relief valves; plus accessories as required)


  • Reverse Air Bag Shaker
  • Pulse Air Bag Shaker
  • Manual Bag Shaker
  • Level Sensor
  • Vacuum or Pressure Sensor (gauge and switch)
  • Rotary Discharge Valve
  • Double Dump Valve
  • Manual Discharge Valve
  • Bleed Air Valves
  • Explosion / Rupture Disks

Mechanical and electrical installation can be arranged.

Special placement of the system is standard for reclaiming or for scraping the product.

These systems fill almost any need and can be located almost anywhere. A large number of options and accessories can be added to these systems to cover numerous applications and conditions. These systems can be as simple as portable industrial vacuum cleaner positioned in one place with or without added product holding capacity through to a complex system solving many needs and requirements.

Central Vacuum Systems consist of an exhauster, separator(s), pipe network, hoses and tools, all the necessary accessories, and controls. Mechanical and electrical installation can be arranged.

Central industrial vacuum systems may have any number of inlets, for example 50.

At the users or customers request the system is designed to handle any 5 inlets simultaneously. When further inlets are used simultaneously there will be NO damage to the system or equipment - just diminished service.

Products handled may be explosive, abrasive, corrosive, hygroscopic, sticky, wet and small to large particulate sizes, to be recycled or scrapped.

Pneutrans will install or arrange installation of a Central Vacuum Cleaning System.

Central industrial vacuum systems are used for all the purposes of the Portable Vacuums noted above PLUS many other functions such as handling explosive materials such as sugar, flour, starch etc. requiring rupture disks/ports, automatic bag filter cleaning systems, bin level sensors and controls, special discharge valve arrangements (to scrap or recycle product), handle a large number of inlets, large diameter hoses, large amounts of product and other special requirements.

Pneutrans has installed industrial vacuum cleaning systems to handle such items as fibreglass, gunpowder, steel shot, powders, welding flux, grain, candy, sand, aggregate, and coal, to name a few. They are also used in clean rooms to remove light dust.

Combination WET/DRY central vacuum systems are installed in hospitals.

Central Vacuum Cleaning System Design and Quote

The user/customer must provide a scaled or dimensioned drawings showing column lines, major pieces of equipment and obstructions.

  • Locations for each vacuum inlet must be marked with an "X".
  • The location of the separator is to be shown as "S".
  • Show the exhauster location as "E".

NOTE: When there is an explosive dust such as sawdust, sugar, starch, etc., the separator(s) MUST be placed within 600 mm (2 feet) of an outside wall or placed outside the wall. There must be nothing combustible within 8 m (25 feet) of that point.

Pneutrans will design the system(s) sparing the user/customer the tricks and traps of the system design. Pneutrans will provide the user with a quote and specifications. The system will be guaranteed for one year from first use. There is a fee for this service.

Pneutrans can supply powerful domestic central systems for homes, schools, animal hospitals and low cost requirements.

Over 45 years of Expertise

Pneutrans Systems Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for Vacuum Cleaning Systems. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of portable and central vacuum cleaning systems, dust collection systems and pneumatic conveying systems for a wide range of Industrial and Commercial applications.

We have hundreds of installed systems and we know how to handle the tough applications others won’t touch. Pneutrans’ resources provide the flexibility of choosing various manufacturers’ components to give you the best fit solution with a vacuum pump and filtration system selected specifically for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

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