Industrial Vacuum Cleaning


Pneutrans Systems Ltd. has two divisions under this corporate name. Both divisions design and sell custom capital equipment. The products of both divisions are distinct from each other. This division specializes in Industrial Vacuum Cleaning.

Sales Person
Representatives / Agents

Requirements – This person must have a Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or Technology.

This position requires a self starter with the ability to find customers including cold calls. A good knowledge of and connections in industry is essential.

If you are an order grabber – go look elsewhere as this is not for you.

THIS POSITION requires this person or Representative / Agency to:

  • OPEN the customer’s door. There is a great deal of potential here.
  • SELL the requirement to the customer. There is usually a delay between selling and the customer purchasing.
  • CLOSE the order.

This sales position MAY turn into a Sales Manager position.

THIS POSITION requires this person to:

  • Organize the sales team including Sales Person(s) and Representatives / Agents.
  • Hiring, training, replacing sales personnel.
  • Establishing territories.
  • Establishing remuneration schedules.
  • Over see sales policies.
  • Over see marketing.

Over 45 years of Expertise

Pneutrans Systems Ltd. is your one-stop-shop for Vacuum Cleaning Systems. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of portable and central vacuum cleaning systems, dust collection systems and pneumatic conveying systems for a wide range of Industrial and Commercial applications.

We have hundreds of installed systems and we know how to handle the tough applications others won’t touch. Pneutrans’ resources provide the flexibility of choosing various manufacturers’ components to give you the best fit solution with a vacuum pump and filtration system selected specifically for you and what you are trying to accomplish.

Looking for solutions? Call Pneutrans Systems Ltd. at 416-391-3408 or 1-800-461-6180