Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

250 Gallon Wet MegaVac Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

MegaVac Wet Vac

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  • To pick up large quantities of fluid both quickly and easily
  • To pick up moisture from tennis court surfaces
  • To pick up water from ice rink pads at the close of the season
  • To pick up oil from sumps (no sludge)
  • To pick up oil (without sludge) from processes and/or electrical transformers

  • Can accommodate a variety of hose diameters
  • Inlet screen and basket to catch -1/8” particulate, coins etc.
  • 250 gallon liquid holding capacity
  • 2 1/2” ball valve on tank discharge
  • 12” diameter access door to inside of tank
  • 1 baffle plate to stop the liquid sloshing, back and forth,
  • 6” float ball on outlet of tank to stop the liquid from entering the inline filter and exhauster
  • Inline filter to prevent liquid mist and dust from entering the exhauster
  • The inline filter container is easy access to change it.
  • Differential pressure gauge across the inline filter to indicate blinding by dust
  • Exhauster to provide 12 inches of mercury vacuum
  • Vibration sleeves to stop propagation of vibration and noise to and from the machine
  • Big silencer on the exhauster to reduce the noise into the mid 70’s decibel
  • Power ON light
  • Controls:
    • On/Off Push buttons
    • Overload with reset push button with indicator lamp to show when tripped
    • High fluid level switch with indicator light to turn OFF exhauster when the tank is full
    • Low fluid level switch and Indicator light to allow the exhauster to turn ON when the tank is empty
  • Vacuum gauge to indicate vacuum power being used
  • Tilt gauge to indicate when the tank is not level thus preventing fluid level problems. There is an indicating light to show this
  • Vacuum relief valves to prevent overloading of the motor; either when some one is vacuuming or when the air flow is cut off
  • Fork lift fork pockets
  • 6” diameter steel wheels (2 castors and 2 wheels) (Other types of wheels are also available)
  • Tank is normally supplied in carbon steel. Stainless steel tanks are available. Epoxy coatings inside are also available.

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Wet MegaVac Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – Electric Motor or Propane Vapour Engine 

  15 HP 20 HP 25 HP
Diameter and Length of hose
1 ½” I.D. 2 Hoses x 50’ long
3 Hoses x 50’ long
4 Hoses x 50’ long
2” I.D. 1 Hose x 50” long
2 Hoses x 50’ long
2 Hoses x 50’ long
2 ½” I.D.
1 Hose x 100’ long
2 Hose x 100’ long
3” I.D.
1 Hose x 100’ long
2 Hose x 100’ long
Pick-up rate - gallons per minute 8 10 12
(Material density of 10 pounds/gallon)
Main Filter
Large Particulate - 1/8”

Capacity - 250 Gallons

Inline Filter
44 sq. ft.
Pleated paper cartridge

98% efficient to 10 microns

Upgrade to HEPA 99.97% efficient @ 3 microns

Vacuum Producer
Positive Displacement Type
340 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG) 500 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG) 740 ACFM @ 12”Hg (168”WG)
High efficiency

575V,240V,208V,460V,3 ph,60 h as required 
(50h available)

Alternative propane vapour engine, air cooled

Change synthetic oil every 4000 hrs.

Approximately 36”W x 108”L x 90”H
Shipping Weight – pounds
1600 lbs 1680 lbs 1780 lbs
Sound Level – dBa @ 3ft. 77 dBa 78 dBa 80 dBa

All of the above units include 1 hose coupling 4” F.N.P.T. x *** 
*** Specify diameter and number of hoses to be used simultaneously – all hose I.D.’s and combinations.
Extra hose couplings are available. 
Every Wet MegaVac is shipped ready to work with a NEMA 12 starter and 25’ of electric cable. 
There are many different options and upgrades available to meet your specific needs.

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